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The 83rd Oscar nominations race hots up at the Academy Awards Ceremony


The Oscar battle is once again upon us as film makers, musical directors, actors, script writers and a whole host of other titles relating to the movie industry slug it out for a coveted Oscar Award.

As always, there will be surprises, triumphs and gripes; but the Oscar Award Ceremony is always an exciting affair for lovers of films everywhere.

So what’s happening so far and who is in the running?

Up for grabs - the much coveted Oscar

It looks like The King’s Speech, which sees Colin Firth depicting a rather stuttery King George VI, is currently heading the pack in the race for Best Picture, although keen competition is being provided by True Grit, the remake of the classic western which originally starred Clint Eastwood.

Hot on their heels are Inception, the sci-fi thought provoker about dream manipulation, and The Social Network which tells the controversial tale of Mark Zucherberg, founder (and in some opinions, thief) of Facebook.

The Fighter is another film in the shake up, and both Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale will be hoping to receive some recognition for their respective parts, not to mention the drastic changes they made to their bodies.

Here’s a list of the top 10 nominations for Best Picture:

Best Picture
• “Black Swan”
• “The Fighter”
• “Inception”
• “The Kids Are All Right ”
• “The King’s Speech”
• “127 Hours”
• “The Social Network”
• “Toy Story 3″
• “True Grit”
• “Winter’s Bone”

Check back tomorrow for a full update on the winners, losers and also-rans from this year’s Oscar Award Ceremony, but for now let us know who you’d like to see nominated by leaving a comment.

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