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Thandie Newton overcomes bulimia thanks to therapy


Zambian-born Hollywood star Thandie Newton has been open about her battle with bulimia. The eating disorder affected Thandie’s life at a young age of 14 when she was training herself to be a ballerina dancer. In an interview to Easy Living magazine, Thandie Newton revealed her year long struggle with bulimia and said: “I had terrible bulimia for about a year … I ate nothing but cottage cheese. I’ve still got the scars on my knuckles from where I put my fingers down my throat.”

The eating disorder, though it went away for a short period, returned in her 20s.

“I’d been involved with this guy for a long time, he was much older than me and I felt a lot of shame about my sexual relationship with him,” she tells the magazine. “I would have these dinners with him and then go back to the flat and I’d throw up. Then I went out with someone who was emotionally abusive, criticizing me the whole time.”

Finally Thandie realized it was time to seek help; that living with an eating disorder was not the right way. While in Los Angeles shooting a movie, she enlisted the help of a therapist. “I saw a therapist for the first time,” she said. “After that first session, I never threw up again. I had made the connection between shame and self abuse.”

This ‘Mission: Impossible II’ actress successfully recovered from bulimia through therapy. After adorning the super slim looks, Newton said: “I keep getting pregnant. So one day I’m slim and the next I have a bump. In the last two years my body has changed so much. I think the Hollywood size is a bad thing. I don’t stick to any diets. I eat when I’m hungry. Thankfully I have my mother’s frame and I’ve always been slim.”

Today, leading a wonderful and healthy life, Thandie Newton is working hard on her shootings and on being asked about her perception on her own looks, Newton cheerfully said: “I see a happy, defiant, loving friend.”

Other celebrities who have suffered from eating disorders include Mary-Kate Olsen,Sharon Osbourne, Daniel JohnsOprah Winfrey and Jane Fonda.

Author: christopherharte

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