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Tara Reid denies eating disorder but admits to addictions


If reports are to be believed, actress Tara Reid, who became a youth sensation almost overnight with her appearance in the American Pie, has had her share of eating disorders. The actress’ alleged struggle with anorexia began when she broke up with her fiancé Carson Daly, an MTV VJ, in June 2001.

However, Tara has always maintained that she has never been anorexic and has always considered reports nothing more than mere rumors. In her defence, Tara, quoted by, said: “I’m not too thin. I go up 10 pounds, I go down 10 pounds. I was thin for a movie that I just finished. Now they’re going to see me and say I’m too fat because I’ve gained 10 pounds…I can’t win!”

The actress, who was once Hollywood’s young darling after shooting to fame in movies like ‘American Pie’ and ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’, fell from grace after her drinking excesses. She starred in a reality TV show called ‘Taradise’, which basically followed her from one drunken party to another, highlighting the actress’ party lifestyle. The show, was a “mistake”, she now realizes. But it seems it was too late: her reputation had already been damaged, and she was now the media’s darling to point at and ridicule.

Ever since her pictures appeared in a celebrity magazine wherein she posed in a skimpy bikini, with her dangerously thin frame, reports ignited that the one time star had to be dealing with anorexia. For this, Tara has a simple explanation. “I live on the beach, so I get up and jog in the sand,” she told

She has also remarked the way everyone talks about every action of hers and becomes judgmental about it, and acuse her of being excessive. “If I have a drink in my hand, it doesn’t make me an alcoholic,” quotes her as saying. If I want a glass of wine, I want a glass of wine. I shouldn’t be afraid of it because of what the media might say. Anything you do, you’re screwed. That’s the lesson I’ve learned.

“What have I ever really done? Dance on a table? Who doesn’t drink with their friends and have a good time? I don’t understand why people punish others for being happy.”

However these media rumors aren’t always without some truth to them: in December 2008 Tara checked herself into the Promises rehabilitation facility, one that has treated many celebrities and their addictions. According to, the 34-year-old actress entered the facility for a 60-day detox program.

“Rehab saved my life,” she said. “Before, I used to think about tomorrow and I hated it. Now, I can’t wait because I am clean and sober and I am excited. I wanted a future, and that wasn’t going to happen with what I was doing before.”

Other celebrities who have entered rehab  include Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Ben Affleck and Charlie Sheen.

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