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Suspects arrested in DJ Megatron murder case as friends bid farewell


Just under two weeks ago Corey McGriff, aka DJ Megatron was murdered just a block from his home in Staten Island, New York, in the early hours of the morning as he walked to a local store. The BET host and DJ was found at around 2am with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest and at the time nobody was able to pin a motive on the crime.

Police have now brought two suspects into custody on charges of murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

20 year old Richard Cromwell and 21 year old William Williams were arrested this morning and police have said that they believe the pair stalked McGriff prior to shooting him.

DJ Megatron was laid to rest on 5th April

It is thought that Williams was the gunman and Cromwell stole the watch MGriff was given as a gift by his pre-teen daughter. The pair deny the allegations and have thus far pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to a write-up in Rolling Stone magazine police claimed that the popular and likeable DJ Megatron was buying pot when he was shot but these remarks seem wide of the mark considering McGriff only had a dollar in his wallet and his girlfriend had been supporting the family as his income didn’t cover the bills.

Megatron’s funeral took place on Tuesday 5th April and hundreds of guests joined close friends and family to bid farewell to their friend. In an open casket ceremony gospel R&B played in the background as guests paid their respects.

Marlon McGriff said the family had received overwhelming support and in return he wanted the day to be a positive focus on the life of Corey, and not on the person or persons responsible for his death.

“We have a strong family unity, and it’s going to be tough but we’ll get through it,” said Marlon. “We have his kids with us, and he’s going to live through them.”

Perhaps the saddest irony is that McGriff had just pledged his support to an annual event spearheaded by Marquette Elliot, aimed at supporting local youth and ending gun violence.

Elliot’s hope is that McGriff’s death was not in vain and said: “He was a prominent figure and sometimes it takes something like this happening to bring everyone together.”

Perhaps now there will be some justice for a figure who entertained and inspired without offence.

Please share your thoughts on the death of Corey McGriff or of his community work by leaving a comment.

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