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Susan Sarandon didn’t sweat menopause


Unlike many Hollywood actresses who go to great lengths to fight aging and retain their youthful looks once they are menopausal, Susan Sarandon is one celebrity who knows the secret to aging gracefully. The actress never resorted to any prescribed drugs or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which many women opt for, particularly in Hollywood.

Susan Sarandon began menopause when she was 54 years old. She went through several bodily changes due to hormonal imbalance, including gaining weight. She admitted that she got bored of her vegetarian diet and also realised that she could no longer rely on carbohydrates. Like many menopausal women, her metabolic rate plunged drastically which prompted her to opt for a diet which was high on whole grain food items and food products made from over refined grains like pasta and white bread. She also incorporated one tablespoon of green powder made from turnips, kale, parsnips and organic broccoli.

Speaking about her menopause, quotes Susan as saying: “I went through menopause late and uneventfully. A lot of people I knew were on hormone replacement therapy? But I never went down that road.”

In today’s society, where a great number of Hollywood beauties spend vast amounts of money on cosmetic creams, cosmetic surgeries, HRT and other treatments in order to keep the nagging mood swings, signs of aging and other menopausal symptoms at bay, Susan has a simple solution for that. She tries to shift the focus from herself to the bigger picture. This is what keeps her going. She is seen participating in the political events and also lends a helping hand to volunteer activities. As she puts it: “When you are engaged in the bigger picture, you can’t afford the space to become so self-involved that everything is a crisis for you.”

She combines good work with good thinking and a healthy diet. Speaking about why she never undergoes beauty treatments she commented to “[My] emphasis is on being healthy rather than what you inject or reconstruct. Beauty comes from inside — it has to do with what you take in.”

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