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Son of Rolling Stone star Ronnie Wood battling drug addiction


Ronnie Wood of Rolling Stones fame has had several stints in rehab, his most reent being in 2010, and now he is helping his son Jesse through treatment for an addiction problem.

In an interview in Uncut magazine’s January 2011 issue, Wood says, “Jesse’s going through rehab…We’re helping eachother out…I’m over six months clean and good with it. Boredome is a killer as is the idea that I can always have just one drink. Once I got rid of that I could take my life back and be more focused at everything, my music and my painting.”

Jesse Wood, a 34-year-old guitarist and model, is Ronnie’s son with his first ex-wife Krissy Wood, a former model. She died in 2005 of a suspected valium overdose after battling depression.

As reported by Daily Mail, news of Jesse’s addiction took Stones insiders by surprise, especially as he was regarded as one of the most down-to-eart Stone’s siblings.

One said: “He’s one of the most level-headed of all the Stones’ children. It’s a real shock. Jesse’s a really lovely, lovely bloke. Everyone who meet him knows he’s a sweetheart.

‘He’s largely kept out of the limelight and tried to build a normal life for himself. It’s a real shock.”

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