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Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend is on the mend


Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has had a lot on her plate lately. On top of an actress’s typical pastimes such as filming, posing for men’s magazines and looking simply divine on the red carpet, poor old Sofia has been losing beauty sleep over the severe injuries sustained by boyfriend Nick Loeb following a car crash.

But thankfully, Loeb, who is indeed a strapping specimen, is finally on the mend thanks to his good strength.

“He’s so much better,” Columbian-born Vergara told People magazine at last week’s Freedom Bay St. Lucia’s Lingerie New York. “He’s starting to walk on crutches … finally.”

Nick had found himself in the nasty crash two months previously and was left with a host of injuries, including a broken leg and a fractured pelvis.

When asked whether her beau’s physical strength played a factor in this speedy recovery, Vergara answered: “Yeah, yeah, of course. If not, it would have taken another person a lot more time. He’s very strong.”

Well, thank god for that! We wouldn’t want Sofia wasting any more precious time worrying about the patient’s health.

“The worst part is not sleeping and me losing my beauty sleep,” she said at the GLSEN Respect Awards in Beverly Hills a few weeks back, according to People.

Unfortunately, Nick’s condition is not the only thing Vergara has lost sleep over in the past years. In 2000, the now 38-year-old was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – a disease which she went on to beat.

The actress told Health that the experience taught her a lot: “Your priorities change. You don’t sweat the small stuff.”

She has since pledged to improve cancer care for those affected by the disease in her home country and has been busy with various charity projects.

Two celebrities who were not so lucky after a car crash are comedian Robert Schimmel and actor Justin Mentell.

One celebrity who was lucky (by surviving thyroid cancer) is singer Rod Stewart.

Images: Wikimedia Commons and PR Photos

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