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Sinéad O’Connor: No-one Compares To Her


Sinéad O’Connor has always managed to shock: whether it be through her belligerent lyrics, organic appearance and political stances that she used to publicize her causes, rather than the Lady Gaga brand of ‘shockery’ that is employed in order to line pockets and make people with no pubic hair love her. 

And nothing much has changed. The 44-year-old broke all the rules when she appeared in Manchester, England on 1st July seemingly without make-up, extensive surgery or a body that looked like it had been revivified by Photoshop. Yes, Sinead O’Connor performed dressed as a 44-year-old woman, rather than a 19-year-old FHM centrefold. Which makes quite a nice change, really.

Admittedly, in the photos from the performance she looks likes someone’s mom who works as a filing clerk in the accounts office of a timber yard, who was on their way home and just popped in for half a shandy and a packet of dry-roasted peanuts, and ended up on the karaoke machine. I’m not sure whether this was her intention, but the message seems crystal clear: she is a musician and a songwriter, not a glamour model or a strippergram. Perhaps people actually went to hear her music and that stunning voice of hers, not to watch her cavort scantily clad like a coked up pole dancer around her greased microphone, wearing clothes that she stole from a 9-year-old hooker.

Unlike most female pop stars, Sinead O'Connor looked younger when she was younger.

With so many celebrities going under the knife in order to retain their youth and so many people saying ‘don’t they look great for their age?’ when they are looking at a face drawn by a surgeon, painted by an artist, photographed by an expert and finished by Photoshop, it’s refreshing to have someone be their age, fearlessly. Why do musicians have to be beautiful anyway? Isn’t that what models do? We might as well make it requisite that all bakers are over 6ft 1 and make all police women busty if we’re just going to be really silly about stuff. Yeah, you’d like that wouldn’t you?

Sinead O'Connor has a lot of respect for the Catholic Church

O’Connor has been very outspoken in the past in her slamming of the Catholic Church (in particular for not allowing female priests to be ordained), child abuse and women’s rights. It’s an outspokenness that branded her a troublemaker. She has been married several times, attempted suicide and publicly desecrated images of the pope. She’ll never be in Hello magazine and I’m sure she’d attempt suicide again if she did. Sinéad O’Connor is the intellectual face of rock & roll. The antihero. The true rock star.

You gotta love Sinéad O’Connor. She attracts attention without getting her tits out or pulling stunts. That is so unrock & roll and I like it.

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