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Sheryl Crow: winning the battle with breast cancer


American singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. After undergoing treatment successfully, her cancer is now in remission. The illness set 44-year-old Crow on a quest to raise funds for cancer research and awareness of one of the world’s biggest cancer killers.

Sheryl Crow is most prominent within the rock, pop and country music genres. Singles such as ‘All I wanna do’, ‘If it makes you happy’ and ‘Tomorrow never dies’ from the eponymous James Bond film, have given her superstar status on the contemporary music scene. She has performed with the likes of The Rolling Stones and has won a total of 9 Grammy Awards.

In early 2006, Crow joined the 2 million other women in the U.S. suffering with breast cancer. She had ‘minimally invasive’ surgery in February, followed by a course of radiation therapy lasting 7 weeks. Her cancer went into remission and recent doctors’ reports have revealed that the singer still has many years ahead of her .

Shortly before her surgery, she separated from her husband – cyclist Lance Armstrong – who fought his own battle with testicular cancer. Armstrong stated: “Once again I’m reminded of just how pervasive this illness is, as it has now touched someone I love deeply”.

On her website, Crow said that she had benefited from early detection of the disease and encouraged other women to go for regular check-ups. In 2008 she contributed to the song “Just Stand Up”, the proceeds of which went directly to Stand Up to Cancer. The project raised $73.6 million, enabling the charity to conduct groundbreaking cancer research. Revenue generated through the iTunes website from the cover used in her recent Revlon advertising campaign will also benefit breast cancer research.

Other celebrities who have been diagnosed with breast cancer include Olivia Newton-John, Christina Applegate , Kylie Minogue, Cynthia Nixon and Ingrid Bergman.

Image attribution: Wikimedia File:Sheryl Crow 001.jpg, File:SherylCrowHeartTruth.jpg

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