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Sharon Stone survives brain aneurysm and battles diabetes


51-year-old actress Sharon Stone’s career has been in the spotlight since her breakthrough in the 1980s. The Hollywood star gave us memorable performances in movies like ‘Basic Instinct’ and ‘Casino’.

It is not only her stellar career that has been the cause for much fuss, though. Her health problems, including a brain aneurysm in 2001, left many worried.

Sharon Stone was hospitalized in San Francisco in 2001 after suffering from severe head pains. An angiogram reportedly showed that she had a minor brain aneurysm, and that there was bleeding in her brain. She bleeding was a result of a ruptured aneurysm – which is a burst vein or artery – which can lead to a stroke.

However after being in hospital for several days she returned home and continued to rest there. In 2007, during an interview with Larry King, Stone said: “I seem to be able to walk and talk just fine (now). (But) in the beginning, I have to say, it was (touch and go).

“It’s a big thing, like when you have anything that affects the brain. It’s pretty scary.”

The blond is also a sufferer of diabetes, an illness that affects one in 17 people across the globe. Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin so that the body’s cells do not get enough sugar from the food that is consumed, effectively starving.

Other celebrities who suffer from Type 1 diabetes include Bret Michaels and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers.

The medical problems don’t end there. Also a sufferer of asthma, Sharon Stone has lost two children to miscarriages. Both of her children passed away during pregnancy in the fifth month. This is a time in her life Stone claims she has never gotten over. Click to read more about Sharon Stone and her miscarriage tragedy.

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