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Selena Gomez receives death threats after kissing Justin Bieber


The world of Bieber gets crazier and crazier as his army of devoted followers become even more fanatical with each new day.

The 16 year old pop sensation has had pictures of him and 18 year old Selena Gomez splashed all over the internet in what appears to be a romantic clinch over the past few days, much to the disgust of many zealot like fans.

The scale of hatred levelled at the Selena Gomez is unprecedented, and shocking misuse of social media sites has seen some people branding her a ‘paedophile’.

Gomez, star of Wizards of Waverly Place has inadvertently become a victim of death threats on Twitter after pictures of her and Bieber made their way onto the internet.

The Canadian born singer has denied any relationship other than friendship, as has did Gomez at first (stating she was more like a big sister to him), but the Disney princess is clearly seen cuddling Bieber, and one shot even shows the couple about to kiss while vacationing at a Caribbean resort.

In what looks like Beatlemania on amphetamines, hardcore Bieber fans are in uproar over the notion that their beloved tween is ensconced with Gomez. Not for the first time are they reacting to the news with a feeding frenzy mentality, and Gomez must be feeling the venom.

A few examples of the vitriol fired her way follow:

“stay away from Justin pedophile, retard wait I’m gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smelly bed”

“Don’t goto jail from having sex with a minor. I am truely surprised the state hasn’t jumped in here yet”

“I swear @selenagomez is a f****** b*** that steals everybody’s man she needs to get a life”

And the timeless classic “I HATE YOU!!!! DIE! PLEASE!”

Selena Gomez shouldn’t be too worried, as clearly the hate subscribers are of very limited intelligence, certainly can’t spell and live in a fairytale world where the handsome prince Bieber will ride into their lives and steal them away to a life of romance and riches. Of course they’ll be too busy at prep school to carry out their threats anyway.

Gomez’s fans have been quick to defend her on Twitter, but she is not the first person to receive threats and abuse as Kim Kardashian was called a whore and a paedophile when she jokingly said Bieber was her boyfriend.

Jealousy is indeed an ugly thing, especially when it’s so unrealistic.  Millions of girls are breaking their hearts over a kid they’ll likely never meet; let alone get to date. Perhaps it’s time the record companies and marketing people took a good look at the effects their work is having on young minds. Of course, they won’t, not when there’s so much money to be made from media puppets like Bieber, who are too young to know any better.

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