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Seal has scars in his face from lupus


Many have speculated about singing legend Seal Samuel’s facial scars. It has been rumoured that the 46-year-old was caught up in violence in his younger years. In fact, Seal suffers from an auto-immune disease called discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE). According to The Lupus Book, only 10% of lupus sufferers are plighted by this particular strain. The exact causes of the ailment remain unknown, though it is thought to be passed down genetically.

“Thick, scaly lesions appear on these patients’ skin, especially skin that is exposed to sunlight. If untreated, the lesions can turn cancerous“, Daniel J Wallace, author of The Lupus book suggests. The trademark scarring which is visible on Seal’s face, is thought to be a result of these aforementioned lesions.

Public announcements made by the British soul singer indicate that he showed no signs of the disease until he was a young adult. At the Lupus LA Orange Ball in Beverly Hills last year he commented: “You’ve all shown your generosity and your support, and as a 20-or-so-odd-year sufferer myself, I feel really fortunate to be in the position to contribute,“ Socialite Life reported.

Seal, who is married to German supermodel Heidi Klum, performed four songs at the event. The newsprovider also stated: “The Lupus Research Institute announced it had established a grant in Seal’s name that will go to lupus-related initiatives.“

The musician has had many hits since his career took off in 1991 with the release of debut album “Seal“. In 2004, his Best Of compilation went on sale and the singer continued to produce albums, including “System“ and “Soul“.

He married Klum in 2005, having known her for just under two years. The model was dating Flavio Briatore when the two met, announcing her split from the the Italian Renault Formula One team director shortly afterwards. The German beauty was pregnant with Briatore’s baby, Helene “Leni” Boshoven, at the time, who has since been officially adopted by Seal. According to USA Today, Klum stated that “Seal is Leni’s father“ in all but the biological sense.

The pair also have three other children together – four-year-old Henry Günther Adeola Dashtu, three-year-old Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo and Lou Sulola, who was born in October 2009.

Other celebrities with skin ailments include Melanie Griffith and Bob Marley, who both battled skin cancer, and singer LeAnn Rimes, who suffers from eczema.

Image: Vinne Oliveira, Wikimedia

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