Royal Wedding is an all out media assault

In a world saturated by media coverage, an event as huge as the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton means that every minutiae of the occasion will be repeatedly fired at us for months to come by news cannons and TV Exocets; beating us into submission.

We live in a world controlled by media; our thoughts are redirected and reprogrammed as we watch and most of us don’t even realise it. Divisions are created which appeal to our tribal instincts; we join a side and chant for our leaders or heroes without much in the way of basis as to why – it just suits us.

You are free do to what we tell you

Go back to bed world, you are free to do as we tell you

The biggest problem with the Royal Wedding is not the unending conjecture; the fawning over a ‘commoner’ turned princess, the fact that some will discuss the dress for decades or even the snobbery displayed by the media who seem to think they are part of the aristocracy on such occasions. No, the real issue is that almost every channel (barring Animal Planet and only because they couldn’t run with the ’Royal Family are reptiles’ angle) is dedicated to the Royal matrimony for the entire day which means that while a large proportion of society watches on and gushes with joy, the real stories such as Libya, Yemen and Egypt are being pushed to the back of the queue.

China crank up the oppression but Kate Middleton looks fabulous in her wedding dress. No sparkly beading though.

While half the world fights for its freedom Prince William and Kate Middleton hog all the media.

Yes a wedding is a happy occasion, but this all out media assault is tantamount to TV fascism. We have no choice (barring Animal Planet)but to watch or switch off the television. We are being force-fed something which should really be carried out privately. We are not friends or family; we are the subservient masses who fund this empire with our blood, sweat, tears, deaths and taxes, and to have the gregarious pomp and extravagant splendour of the Royal excess rubbed in our faces is frankly insulting.

George W. Bush imposes nazi like sanctions against American people with the patriot act

The media has been waging a fascistic war on our minds for decades

While China continues to crush even the mildest dissident cases in a bid to stem uprisings before they happen and Libyan people struggle to overthrow a monster who has butchered and tortured ‘his people’ for 42 years, we are diverted away from that to watch a balding, wet-lipped twenty-something with medals on his chest that even war veterans never get awarded, as he marries a girl who has already been shot down as ‘not as beautiful as Diana’, putting the utmost pressure on her to fulfil a role that was created by the media and which ultimately cost the people their first princess.

The royals are a relic of an age long gone, yet they still retain power. In essence they are no more important than a homeless person; they rose to power at a time when the population was so small and disenfranchised that their control went unnoticed, yet today the masses still adhere and pander to their illegitimate leadership.

The people hold the true power

Choose the right to choose, don't be dictated to by money grabbing media elites

The future of the world is uncertain, it hangs in the balance right now and there are so many revolutions happening both physically and spiritually that something has to give. A royal wedding is nothing more than a scam designed to divert our attention away from the reality of life and make us forget, at least for a few hours, that the world needs those who are hardy enough to stand up and make it a better place.

And fight we must.

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Read about the Libyan conflict; how celebs are used to divert our attention; and how they get in with evil murderers and the spin on Qaddafi being sane.


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  1. I think we should honour and respect the royals by limiting media coverage.

    A great occasion it is; a circus it is not.

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