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Ronald Reagan’s legacy is Fema camps and martial law


FEMA camps, or concentration camps as those in the know prefer to call them, are apparently a reality according to Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura as they reveal on tonight’s episode of Conspiracy Theory which airs at 9pm central time on TruTV.

FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Authority and is a governmental organisation that was formed in 1979 during the Jimmy Carter presidency.  Although established in the 70’s, FEMA’s roots extend back to the Congressional Act of 1803 which is regarded as the first act to address disaster legislation when it provided assistance to a New Hampshire town following a huge fire.

President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 executive order merged many of the separate disaster-related responsibilities into the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which now comes under the wing of the US Department of Homeland Security.  It is a crisis management agency which helps citizens in times of disaster such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

The birth of FEMA camps

In April 1984 President Regan signed Presidential Director Number 54 which apparently allowed FEMA to activate a secret national readiness exercise. FEMA was given powers to seize control of civil assets and transport systems in times of emergency, but conspiracy theorists believe their intentions are much darker.

It is thought that FEMA, under the REX 84 initiative (which was put in place to build camps which would house a mass influx of illegal immigrants), have the right to imprison civilians in times of social disorder in special camps, known as FEMA camps.  Their powers extend even further too and according to leaked documents they have the power to suspend the Constitution of the United States, assume governmental control, initiate police states under martial law and install military leaders to run local governments.

President Ronald Reagan

A former actor, Reagan died June 5th, 2004 after ten years of battling Alzheimer’s disease but his legacy remains in place and on tonight’s Conspiracy Theory Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura uncover a sinister plot to bring the United States under martial law and detain civilians in FEMA camps.

Ronald Reagan was the first president to survive an assassination attempt after a gunshot wound missed his heart by an inch.  His left lung collapsed and he was rushed into emergency surgery.  After a successful operation he joked with surgeons saying, “I hope you’re all Republicans,” to which they replied, “today sir, we’re all Republicans.”

Other celebs battling or aiding with Alzheimer’s disease include Charlton Heston, Rapper TI, Norman Wisdom and Julius Peppers.

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