Ron Paul to explore presidential bid on Republican ticket

Popular representative Ron Paul, who is currently being championed and backed by many Tea Partiers is to form an exploratory committee as he evaluates whether to run for president or not.

Many had hoped Paul would run on an independent ticket and conspiracy theorist, former actor, WWF wrestler, state governor and author Jesse Ventura spoke publicly about becoming vice president should that scenario arise.

It's all peace and love with Ron Paul - unless you're black. Allegedly.

It seems, however, that Ron Paul will now run for office on the Republican ticket and while that may enhance his chances of staking a stronger claim for the role of premier, it will undoubtedly upset many of his supporters who are disillusioned by the current two party system.

The Texan congressman, whose run for president back in 2008 saw him come 5th in the popularity stakes, suggested on Monday (25th April) he would form the committee in order to weigh up another bid for for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, and that a formal announcement would be made by Tuesday (according to Fox News).

“We’re going to announce that I’m going to start an exploratory committee … I’ll stop by in Iowa on my way home, and that might lead to the next decision,” said Ron Paul at the end of his recent book tour.

[adsense]Paul joins a list of Republican candidates including Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, who want to pit themselves against current Democratic President, Barack Obama, whose popularity has declined heavily since the announcement of ‘Obamacare’ and his recent decision to illegally overrule congress and allow the US to back United Nations efforts in Libya.

In the 2008 election campaign, Paul positioned himself as an anti-war libertarian and his latest round of speeches includes de-classifying cannabis amongst other people pleasing ideals. Due to the current economic and social climate, Ron Paul could well be the man America needs, but with no mention of running as an independent alarm bells may be ringing in some quarters amid fears that he could turn out to be just another puppet put in place by the banking elite. Add to that his suspected anti-black stance and the picture looks a whole lot less rosy for the Texas man.

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