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Rock groupie Connie Hamzy tells Howard Stern about sexual exploits


Connie Hamzy, the self-proclaimed number one rock groupie hailing from Arkansas, took to the Howard Stern Show to reel off her list of conquests with some of rock’s most prominent stars.

Hamzy, also known as Sweet Connie, achieved semi-celebrtiy status in the 70s as a groupie and was mentioned in a Grand Funk Railroad song We’re an American Band: “On the road for forty days, Last night in Little Rock put me in a haze. Sweet, sweet Connie — doin’ her act, She had the whole show and that’s a natural fact.”

Connie, now 56, told Howard Stern that the rockers she hit the sack with included members of The Eagles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers Band, the Doobie Brothers, Willie Nelson, Kiss front man Gene Simmons, Huey Lewis, and also Peter Frampton and Rick Springfield. She even claims Bill Clinton propositioned her when he was a governer in Arkansas.

And the man who scored tops for his sexual prowess? Drummer Alex Van Halen. Not faring so well was Pete Frampton, whose manhood was compared to the size of her pinky.

Are you curious to get a closer glimpse into her alleged sexual exploits with some of music’s biggest names? Then try to get your hands on a copy of her 1995 memoir about her “backstage antics and hotel room hijinks” during rock’s golden era called Rock Groupie: Intimate Adventures of Sweet Connie from Little Rock.

Then there’s also the 1974 article published by Cosmopolitan magazine about her groupie sessions and in 1992 Connie wrote about her sexual escapades for Penthouse magazine.

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