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Robert Pattinson claims he is manic-depressive


Robert Pattinson is the object of desire for thousands of girls around the world. The sexy ‘Twilight’ star has oodles of fans following his every step, with many keen for an opportunity to see, touch or speak to the actor in person, let alone the ultimate dream come true: a date with Robert Pattinson.

Admiring the 24-year-old English actor from a distance might be a cleverer option, as Robert has recently revealed he believes he is manic-depressive, a condition he feels has a huge negative impact on his relationships.

While he has never been officially diagnosed, Robert is convinced his mood swings and bouts of depression mean he suffers from the illness, otherwise known as bipolar disorder.

People suffering from bipolar usually experience mood swings like going from completely irritated to sad and then returning to normal. This does not happen on a daily basis, as there are periods of normal mood in between. Along with unusual shift in mood, a person also feels low on energy, activity levels are low and so is the ability to carry out daily chores. Bipolar is one of the hardest mental illnesses to diagnose and treat. An interesting fact about bipolar is that many of its sufferers abuse alcohol, prescription medication and illegal substances.

In an interview with UK magazine New!, Robert explains how his illness becomes most evident when he is in a relationship. “You over-analyze everything – you analyze how if you say one thing, someone likes you, and if you say another, they don’t. You begin to experiment on people, which isn’t good for real life. I don’t think I’m very romantic any more – just manic depressive.”

Other celebrities who have bipolar are Ben StillerElvis Presley and rapper DMX.

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