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Robert Downey Jr thinks Iron Man III will be weird


Robert Downey Jr. is facing the cehallenge of filming Iron Man III under the stewardship of Shane Black who is set to replace Jon Favereau as director. The popular actor has revealed that he will find it weird working on the third episode without his friend calling the shots but that he is still looking forward to the challenge.

Downy Jr portrays Tony Stark in the Marvel saga and his own battle with addiction may have helped assume the role more easily. Stark is a billionaire weapons manufacturer who developed a suit which gives him incredible powers, and while Iron Man is a powerful defender the people, Tony Stark is a flawed alcoholic with a penchant for egotism and showing off. He is beset by addictions and personal conflicts which make him an eratic individual.

His only guiding star is Miss Pepper Potts who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow, and the two will once again combine forces in Iron Man III, albeit without Favereau with whom Downey feels he has a good relationship.


“[Favreau’s] up to great stuff with Cowboys & Aliens coming out.  He and I just talked a couple weeks ago and we’re quite friendly indeed.” He told the press.


Favreau directed the first two instalments but has opted out of the third due to contractual differences arising from the second film. He will now be working on Magic Kingdom for Disney and his next big release is Cowboys & Aliens will which stars Daniel Craig as a wild west gunman taking on rampaging alien marauders.


Shane Black is taking the reigns for Iron Man III as confirmed at the Omaha Film Festival, where he told fans:  “Iron Man 3 will not be another ‘two men in iron suits fighting each other’ film.  Instead, it will be more like a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villains.”


Downey told MTV News: “It is weird.  I think there’s always a closure to everything. This will all come to an end one day, and I think the thing is to just really enjoy it while you have it.”

Another Marvel project, The Avengers is set to start filming this summer as was announced last Thursday.

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