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Rihanna battling laryngitis and bronchitis ahead of Grammy performance


R&B sensation Rihanna’s precious vocal chords have been struck with a double whammy ahead of her scheduled performance with Eminem at the Grammy’s on Sunday: laryngitis and bronchitis.

Despite this untimely setback, the 22 year old has no intention of letting her sore and inflamed throat get the better of her, taking to her Twitter to say “Bronchitis and laryngitis boo! I’m still going to rehearsals tho! Sunday is everything.”

The Barbadian singer had to cancel her performance on Thursday night for the Women’s Cancer Research Fund but a source has told RadarOnline that she is determined to get on stage.

“Rihanna is on steroids and antibiotics to get her as prime time ready as possible for Sunday night,” the source said.

“Rihanna doesn’t want to let Eminem down, but he would totally understand if she couldn’t perform. The duo are scheduled to rehearse again on Saturday at Staples, but she probably won’t be using her voice a lot at that time, she is saving it for Sunday night.”

Also attending the Grammy’s will be Chris Brown, after Rihanna agreed to lift a restraining against her ex-boyfriend, who was convicted of domestic violence last year when he beat her badly ahead of a pre-Grammy party.

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