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Richard Branson’s wife almost died from blood clots


Last night the British industrialist revealed that his daughter Holly helped save her mother’s life after she developed blood clots in her leg.

The family was on holiday on their private island in the Caribbean when Joan Branson’s leg swelled to three times its normal size, reports the Daily Mail. Holly, who quit her medecine studies to work for her billionaire father, was worried that the clots could spread to her mother’s lungs, with fatal consequences.

Branson immediately flew his wife to hospital in Miami and later said: “Holly was a great help. If his had not been treated quickly, It would have been serious.” Doctors discovered that the clots had been caused by a rare hereditory bone-marrow disorder, which causes the blood to thicken.

Richard Branson is all too familiar with the topic of blood clots: His airline Virgin Atlantic has been under fire in the past over claims that it refused to warn passengers of the dangers of blood clots, otherwise known as the ‘economy class syndrome’, which can afflict passengers on long flights.

The combination of immobility, cramped seating and dehydration can cause fatal blood clots and anyone flying long distances should avoid alcohol, keep hydrated, get up occassionally and do stretches throughout the flight.


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