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Rich Cronin of LFO dies of leukemia


Rich Cronin, one of the singers in the boy band LFO- Lyte Funky Ones, has passed away, says a report published in  Two weeks after celebrating his 35th birthday, the singer lost his battle against leukemia and died of a stroke. He was admitted in hospital where he suffered a heart stroke that led to his death.

Cronin’s friends, who were also the members of the boy band, have paid their condolences. Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass showed grief online by posting tributes on their Facebook and twitter accounts.

The boy band was best known for their hit in the year 1999 named ‘Summer Girl’, says the report in The lyrics of this song were penned by Cronin. The band split in the year 2002.

2005 saw the actor diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Cronin was also a part of the VH1 reality series Mission: Man Band. The show was about the struggle of the four singers to start their own band. Death of the singer has come as a shock to many. His fans are in deep sorrow and are expressing their grief online and by sending in condolences. The singer was always thankful to god for the success that he had.

Celebrities who have recently lost their battle with cancer include ‘Survivor’ star Jennifer Lyon, who had breast cancer, and Dennis Hopper, who had prostate cancer.

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