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Remembering Glory: Bette Davis


Awarded the Oscar twice after being nominated ten times for a string of remarkable performances, Bette Davis was a symbol of independence and free will. She chose to go down a path not many women in Tinsel Town would have dared to. Known for her tremendous capability of portraying unsympathetic characters with great honesty, Bette Davis took to the silver screen with great charge, dedication and confidence.

Receiving critical acclaim for films like ‘Of Human Bondage’, ‘Dangerous’ (which earned her an Academy Award’ and ‘Jezebel’ – which not only saw her win an Oscar, but was  regarded as one of her most momentous performances ever.

The last years of her life, however, were marked with tremendous personal loss and sickness that devastated her health. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy at the age of 75. Just a week after the surgery, she suffered a stroke. Despite her failing health, Bette Davis continued to act until the day she died.

She passed away in France in 1989 at the age of 81. Her last film, ‘The Wicked Stepmother’, was released after she passed away.

Read more about Bette Davis on her official homepage.

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Image attribution: Wikimedia file Bette_Davis_in_Jezebel_trailer.jpg

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