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Rapper T.I. helps prevent suicide at skyscraper


The hip-hop star helped talk a suicidal man out of jumping off a 22-storey building in Atlanta on Wednesday.

The rapper said he heard about the situation on the radio and drove to the site, telling police officers that he wanted to help. As reported on, police said the man, who seemed to be “beat up about life”,  agreed to come down in exchange for a few minutes time to talk to T.I.

“I told him it ain’t that bad. It’ll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better,” T.I. said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “I just reminded him know that I know. It looks bad right now, but it can turn around.”

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., said the help he gave police in averting the suicide had nothing to do with his court hearing on Friday for a parole hearing after being arrested on suspicion of drug offenses in September. The Grammy award winner and film star, who is on supervized release after spending a year behing bars for federal weapons charges, may be sent back to prison for the drug charges.

Do you think T.I.’s good deed came fom the heart, or was he merely trying to place himself in a favorable light ahead of his court hearing on Friday, when a judge will decide whether to revoke his probation?

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