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Prosecutors say Michael Jackson’s doctor acted too slowly


A prosecutor in the case against Dr. Conrad Murray, the man caring for Michael Jackson at the time of his death, has accused the doctor of collecting evidence at the scene of Jackson’s death before calling for an ambulance.

The allegations arose during a preliminary hearing in Murray’s trial. Jackson famously died on June 25, 2009, after a drug overdose and Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter related to the singer’s death.

LA District Attorney, David Walgren, told jurors that more than 20 minutes elapsed between the time Murray found 50 year old Jackson unconscious, and a member the singer’s security team called for paramedics.

“It is important that at this point 911 (emergency service) has not been called or ordered to be called by Dr. Murray,” Walgren told the judge in front of Jackson’s family members and hordes of reporters at the Los Angeles courtroom.

“Instead, Dr. Murray is having [a security guard] assist him in collecting medical evidence and various paraphernalia,” he added.

Jackson died after taking an oversized dose of propofol, a powerful anaesthetic which is normally used for surgical purposes. Jackson asked for the drug in order to help him, sleep.

Murray was hired to look after Jackson’s health ahead of a series of gigs in London, scheduled for July 2009, and over the course of the night of Jackson’s death he administered a range of drugs including valium and propofol.

Walgren told the court that Murray was making a phone call at 11:51 am, and at around midday he noticed Jackson had stopped breathing.

The call for a paramedic was made at 12:21pm by one of Jackson’s security staff and he was taken to UCLA where Murray allegedly withheld information regarding the pop idol’s medication.

“Most notably, Dr. Murray would not tell these UCLA doctors about the propofol treatment, let alone the nightly propofol treatment he had been giving Michael for the past two months,” Walgren said.

Faheem Muhammad, the head of Jackson’s security staff at the time of his death, told the court that he walked into Jackson’s bedroom after being called by Murray, who asked him and another guard if they knew CPR. Muhammad found that odd as the doctor is a cardiologist.

Murray’s defence are believed to be claiming that Jackson injected himself with propofol, and although Murray has already admitted giving Jackson the drug he has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Please share your thoughts on this ongoing saga. Do you think Dr. Murray has acted suspiciously or are the media or Jackson’s family looking for someone to blame? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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