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Prince Harry desperately tries to quit smoking


Prince Henry of Wales, popularly known as Prince Harry, is third in line to the British Throne. The 25-year-old has made a name for himself as the rebellious heir, the “wild child” of the Royal Family.

The Daily Mail reported in 2007 that Prince Harry was desperate to quit his 20 cigarettes a day habit. At the very least he didn’t want to be photographed in public with a cigarette anymore. The British quotes what they refer to as a royal source as saying: “Harry tries not to be seen smoking in public but behind closed door and at parties he’s always lighting up. His father nags him constantly about it but Harry has never shown an inclination to listen to him until now.

That was in January. Months later, Harry had fooled everyone into believing he had in fact quit the habit, which he reportedly started at the age of 14.

Just a year later, many publications, including Britain’s Now Magazine published images of Harry smoking outside of an airport terminal in South Africa in March 2008. His girlfriend’s smoking habit apparently did not help his efforts to curb the habit.

In 2009 reported the Prince had reportedly turned to hypnotism to quit smoking. A friend reportedly handed him a copy of famous hypnotist Paul McKenna’s book ‘Quit Smoking Now’, which has received positive critiques and celebrity endorsements.

“He has been feeling the pressure, and as a result he has turned back to cigs. Harry knows that it doesn’t look good to younger people who look up to him. He is really trying to quit,” a source reportedly told News Of The World.

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