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Pottermania at all time high with release of latest Harry Potter movie


Since the release of the first Harry Potter book in 1997, the Muggle world has been bewitched by the fantasy series which has gone on to sell over 400 millions copies, with the last four books setting records as the fastest-selling books in history.

Author J.K. seems to have cast a spell over the ever-growing legion of Potter fans, both children and adults, and this weekend the levels of hysteria have been brewing like a storm in a witch’s cauldron.

Pottermania has been at an all time high with the release of the penultimate installment in the wizard series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter has such a huge following that some cinemas have been screening the film up to 16 times a day to meet the huge demand, and according to Entertainment Weekly, the wizard flick could rake in as much as 156 million dollars in US sales over the whole weekend.

Ther term Pottermania was first coined in 1999 to describe the craze sweeping over Harry Potter fans and the number of obessed fans is growing by the minute. If you’ve been thinking that it’s time to call a reality check with your wizzard obsession, then you should meet the die-hard fan who looks like Harry Potter and even goes by the name, and has three rooms spilling over with Harry Potter paraphenalia. Check him out in this video.

And how about this crazy Potterholic: She was driven to the first screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in a fancy schmancy limo. Miss square eye says she watched The Philosopher’s Stone 78 times, Chamber of Secrets 91 times, Prisoner of Azkaban 104 times, and Goblet of Fire 111 times! How many times is she going to watch the latest installment of the wizard series?!

If you’re worried that your interest in the fantasy world of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger could leave you ending up a Potterholic, some of the warning symptoms to look out for include developing strange scars on your forehead and switching to a British accent. Is everything stick-like starting to resemble a wand? Then it may be time to have an intervention…

And for all Muggles who are fretting about the fact that the Harry Potter movies are coming to an end, you will be relieved to hear that your withdrawal symptoms will be softened somewhat with the knowledge that Harry Potter will live on forever: in a museum which will be opened on the site where the movies were filmed.

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Images: Wikimedia Commons

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