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Pete Doherty and best friend charged for possessing drugs


Pete Doherty has been slapped with the charge of possessiion of cocaine following the demise of Robin Whitehead, a society heiress who died from a suspected drug overdose. According to, Robin Whitehead, who was a filmmaker and photographer, spent the last ten days of her life filming a documentary about the drug addict rock star. Pete Wolfe, a close friend of Pete Doherty, was also charged in connection with her death on account of supplying the class A drug.

As reported by, soon after the death of the heiress, Pete Wolfe revealed to the police that hours before passing away, Robin Whitehead had taken Valium along with some alcohol, which can be a lethal combination. It was also reported by the sources that two days before she died, Pete Wolfe had purchased a bag of heroin; however, he claimed that he did not smoke it in the same room as the 27-year-old heiress. Robin Whitehead was a granddaughter of Teddy Goldsmith and a cousin of socialite Jemima Khan.

The exact cause of her death has yet to be established, but it is not being treated as suspicious.

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