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Paula Abdul overcomes bulimia after 17 years


Famous American dancer and pop artist Paula Abdul’s life is a perfect learning experience for all those who are suffering from bulimia. Known for her great moves and figure hugging wardrobe dresses, Paula battled bulimia for most of her life.

She reportedly used to binge eat before purging. Better known as an ‘American Idol’ judge, Paula, with 17 long years of bulimia behind her once said: “Battling bulimia has been like war on my body. Me and my body have been on two separate sides. We’ve never, until recently, been on the same side.”

Paula says she always saw herself as a little too short and a little too fat, and claims that her eating disorder was a punishment for her body.

Paula was highly disappointed with her own self and said, “I learned at a very early age I didn’t fit in physically. I learned through years of rejections from auditions…. I would ask myself, “Why can’t I be tall and skinny like the other dancers?”

Years after overcoming bulimia, Paula, remembering her past days, said: “It became a living hell for me. I wanted to get help. I want to be free from weighing myself on the scales”.

She added: “I used to be a fanatic. I used to exercise four or five times a day. “Now it’s different. I don’t exercise too much for the wrong reasons. Three times a week I’ll do some cardiovascular or aerobic activity.”

She sought treatment in 1994, and after 17 long years of battling with an eating disorder, she was finally healed. The psychiatric therapy sessions lasted a month.

While in treatment at the rehabilitation centre, Paula said of the time: “I thought `God I’m not perfect. I’m going to disappoint people. That’s what I thought.”

Today Paula is happy to see herself in the mirror without worrying about her weight and was quoted as saying, “I have my moments when I look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m okay.’ I refuse to weigh myself. I don’t have scales in my house”.

Other celebrities who have battled eating disorders include Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Geri Halliwell and Sharon Osbourne.

Author: Alan Light

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