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Patrick Chung smashes the Dolphins


Patriots safety Patrick Chung has grabbed all the headlines today after his heroic performance against the Miami Dolphins lit up the NFL in a game that saw them win 41-14.

He was bullish and relentless in his play, always managing to find a weak link in the Dolphins’ field goal units while facing the adversity of much bigger players.

Highlights of his game include a slap down of Brandon Fields’ punt and Dan Carpenter’s field goal.

He wasn’t alone in his excellence though as the whole Patriots team raised their game to a new level, thwarting the Dolphins at every turn. They set a new record too – the first team ever to score from a run, pass, kickoff, blocked punt and a blocked field goal all in one game.

Way to go Patriots!

Patrick Chung has certainly shown his tenacity in the past having been fined $5000 for a late hit on Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco in the season opener of September 2009, and later that season a further $7500 for a clash of helmets with Chad Henne.

We recently published an article about the risks of head clashes in American Football and a new organization researching safer equipment and protection for players at risk of early onset of Alzheimer’s disease which you can read here.

Did you see the game? Let us know your thoughts on Chung’s performance.


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