Padma Lakshmi in further desperate publicity stunt

In breaking news, Padma Lakshmi has made the Daily Mail headlines today by going for a walk in New York City. Clearly intent on garnering as much media attention as possible, the paparazzi hungry celebrity not only appeared in flared jeans, but also wore an orange cardigan and carried a small brown bag, according to the source. A premeditated outfit with one clear ambition – to steal the attention away from the pop prostitute herself – Lady Gaga. A woman named after a popular reflex.

To add highly flammable fuel to the media fire, Lakshmi was photographed carrying her one-year-old daughter in a carrier dangling from her chest, which gave the ex-model, now television presenter some idea of what it would be like to be one half of Mariah Carey.

Note to self: Chew well before swallowing

Lakshmi is no stranger to publicity.  In 2009, she became yet another in a tedious line of attention thirsty celebrities to pose naked whilst pregnant. That or she was constipated having swallowed a fully inflated Space Hopper without chewing it properly.

This breaking news came just a week after the Indian beauty caused a further furore of publicity by wearing a black dress as she presented the finale of popular dull television program, Top Chef.

Aside from hawking for publicity, Lakshmi is also entrenched in relationship controversy as she is currently enduring an embittered battle for the custody of her child with the father, Adam Dell, the sibling of the founder of crap computers.

To disprove the claims that she was merely involved with the computer giant because he was rich and he was only interested in her because she was beautiful, she’s now apparently dating septuagenarian head of IMG, Ted Forstmann who coincidentally is listed by Forbes as one of the richest Americans.

I bet she had no idea.

“I have been working hard all my life ever since I got out of college to build a career with my own hands,” said Lakshmi in an interview with somebody that appeared somewhere, and openly admits that her ambition is to make a lot of money.

If you desperately wish you were beautiful enough to have sex with really old men, send us your comments below…

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