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Orange County Choppers face foreclosure but not bankruptcy


American Choppers was a reality TV show which featured a family of roughneck bikers and steelworkers who turned their skills to building beautiful motorcycles at their Orange County Choppers facility in New York.

The business began as a side project to the family’s steel works and Paul Tuetel Sr and Jr. facilitated the day to day running and design work involved in building the extravagant custom bikes.

American Choppers was a huge success, their bikes were (and still are) considered works of art, and despite the sometimes ‘Osborn-esque’ family tantrums – usually instigated by the hot-headed Paul Teutel Sr – it provided good entertainment; a rarity for reality TV.

Their work featured incredible designs which were commissioned for individuals and groups alike. One memorable bike, built for the fire brigade, had the look of a fire truck complete with fireman’s helmet as the gas tank and a hydrant.

The crew of American Choppers also featured on Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s The Long Way Round in which the pair travelled across the world on motorbikes. McGregor was such a huge fan of the show that he bought a bike while visiting them.

News today is a sad indictment of the times we live in as the company is now facing foreclosure on its facility. The problem has arisen after unpaid mortgage arrears of $96,400 and $14,000. OCC refused to make payments as they wanted changes made to the loan agreement, given that deflation has dropped the price of the property which houses Orange County Choppers.

With the help of American Choppers and celebrity endorsements, Orange County Choppers has become an international brand and one would assume that they will take strides to ensure the longevity of their business, all of which is run from the same building.

Please hare your thoughts on the foreclosure at Orange County Choppers’ HQ by leaving a comment.

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