No pressure on Gillian Anderson

A controversial advertizing campaign by environmentalist organization 10:10 featuring Gillian Anderson and David Ginola has been banned because of its purportedly extreme visuals. 10:10 is a group concerned with reducing carbon emissions and their message is being spread by celebrities all over the world.

This new ad campaign titled, “no pressure” however has caused uproar over its supposedly violent nature. The advert (which can still be found on Youtube) moves through several different scenes, from a classroom and corporate office to a football field featuring British soccer team Tottenham Hotspurs before its finale where Gillian Anderson is blown up (like six others in the video) at the touch of a button when she dismisses he idea of doing anything to help other than her voice over.

A statement issued by 10:10 on their website reads: “With climate change becoming increasingly threatening, and decreasingly talked about in the media, we wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh. We were therefore delighted when Britain’s leading comedy writer, Richard Curtis – writer of Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting Hill and many others – agreed to write a short film for the 10:10 campaign.

Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn’t and we sincerely apologize to anybody we have offended.” Clearly the campaign has stirred up a lot of media attention but it is hard to dislike 10:10 for their inventive approach to highlighting the global warming threat. The presence of the 42-year-old former X-Files star lends them credibility, even though she is playing devil’s advocate and explodes from spontaneous human combustion.

Read here about Pierce Brosnon and his concern with environmental issues. Let us know your thoughts on Gillian’s involvement.


46 thoughts on “No pressure on Gillian Anderson

  1. Excuse me! The short film No Pressure was not banned! 10:10 withdrew it because it their propagandist weapon backfired horribly in their face, so out of utter humiliation and defeat they withdrew the film from the 10:10 campaign. Personally, I wish they they were brave enough to defend what they commissioned so more people can see this fascistic piece of work by a bunch of misanthropic, smug thespians telling us how to run our lives, but you can still see it on You Tube – judge for yourselves. Shame on them all for joining in a McCarty-ite witch-hunt against critics of mainstream environmentalist strategies. Gillian you lost my respect! And Richard Curtis has only reinforced my opinion why British film-making went down hill.

  2. What an idiot you are ‘govinda’. Please enlighten us as to how 10:10 can be misanthropic when they’re trying to encourage people to improve the planet in order to live longer, happier lives. The anti-green bandwagon is getting overcrowded with lemmings.

    • Yes they are misanthropic : for these guys, mankind is bad, and is like a parasite for mother Earth. They want to “save the planet”, I’ve never heard them say they want to save mankind…

    • They are only blowing up innocent children “to encourage people to improve the planet”.

      “Many people found it extremely funny but some were offended?” Seems like the other way around.

  3. Mankind as a whole has made a mess of the planet and I can’t blame anyone for being misanthropic. As a species we ARE parasites. Arrogant parasites at that.

    10:10 are simply promoting awareness. If we cut our carbon footprints and slow down GW everyone will benefit. No one will lose out. That’s the point all you lynch mobbers are missing.

    Would you attack a child protection agency for a campaign that upset paedophiles?

    Should we disregard public information films that teach children road safety because they are “telling us how to run our lives”?

    The 10;10 campaign is about everyone doing a LITTLE bit to ameliorate the state of the world we live in. It’s not much to ask really.

    Calling it misanthropic or fascistic is risible. LOL.

    • To the supporters of this trash: thank you for exposing yourselves as the types of villains who would kill any man, woman or child in an instant. All for an agenda that was blatantly exposed as a fraud by Climategate. HIDE THE DECLINE!

    • So you are comparing people who don’t think like you to pedos?

      Jesus mate, you people are so far gone there is no point trying to save you.

  4. This is a very fare report on the sick video from the 10-10 campiagn.

    I was told 4 yesrs ago by a NASA worker that some parts of NASA where helping to cook the books on AGW and that CO2 is not to blame.

    We had the leaked emailed for CRU which help saw what was going on,. The documents that came with the emails shows that they have been planning this for a long time. 10-10 is only part of it.

    The documents are more damming than the emails they show that the Met Office, the Government, Eco-Nazi groups and oil companies are all in on the scam.

    Anyone who thinks this video is funny or is right, only goes to show that the brain washing is working.

  5. I think the video is hilarious. And I think that regardless of whether global warming is a genuine threat, cutting back on the oil we use, the intensive farming techniques we employ, the time we spend on our mobile phones, computers and in front of televisions etc etc and the more aware we become of the magnificent world around us, the better the world will become and the more enjoyment we will get from our own lives.

    • Anyone who finds this video hilarious would make Adolf Hitler proud. Thankfully you are a huge minority and simply represent the actors themselves along with any friends and family who are also on Prescription Meds.

      Seeing children blown up and their guts splattered on other innocent children is simply a dark vision of hell on Earth. The supporters of this filth should meet such a fate themselves, but should only be splattered on each other.

  6. Let there be no mistake:

    By supporting 10:10 you are supporting eco-terrorism and genocidal psychotics.

  7. “Supposedly violent” and “purportedly extreme visuals”. Did the author of this post actually watch the video?

    The message is clear. If you don’t sign on,we’ll blow you up.

    Mentally substitute Islamic extremists (or radical Christians if you prefer) in place of the 10:10 group in the video. Now what would you say about it ………

    violent. intolerant.

  8. Couldn’t anyone see the humour it? They are not actually suggesting that people are blown up for not towing the line. It’s a pastiche to show that there are people who feel as strongly about environmental issues as for example jihadists, who actually DO blow people up. It’s to get people to ask themselves what issues in the world that there are issues that are really worth getting radicalised over.

  9. Intolerant? That seems to be what you are Charlie. You seem intelligent enough to me but you make yourself look foolish by jumping on the “radical extremist” bandwagon.

    Anyone can throw in suicide bombers to strengthen their argument and gain favour on the cheap, but you know as well as I do that 1010 is not about that at all.

    They’re not advocating violence or extremism, they’re simply pointing out that there is genuine cause for concern and it’s in our own hands to do something positive about it. I have read or heard nothing from them extolling the virtues of violence.

    British and American troops blow children up in Afghanistan yet they’re heralded as heroes. 1010 blow imaginary children up and the world goes crazy over it calling it “Extremist-Leninist-Fascism” as I’ve read on other sites.

    Self contradiction and lack of intelligence never stopped the anti brigade did it?!

    As for you A’Lamerloque, you throw terms around as if they mean something. What exactly is eco-terrorism? Give me a few examples of it so I’m clear. And how are 1010 “genocidal psychotics”?

    The video is misguided but the message is definitely not “sign on or die”. You people need to open your eyes and your minds.

  10. 10:10 peolple are no “genocidal psychotics” (not yet at least). But there has been examples in the past of such people causing kind of “genocides”. Ecologist groups banning DDT, Agriculture following Lysenko’s theories in China (milions of deaths for each one of theses examples) …

    I have no doubt that the “superior” goal these people from 10:10 pursue is worth a few milions deaths to their eyes…

  11. @fight club

    “..What exactly is eco-terrorism? Give me a few examples of it so I’m clear…”

    If you do not do as I tell you, fightclub, I will kill you. Plain enough?

    No pressure….

  12. @stef, that wasn’t 1010 though was it? If you want to someone to pour your anger upon look at Monsanto and see what they’re doing to the human race, or read codex alimentarius. Better still see how many millions of lives US congress deems expendable to achieve its aims.

    @eco nutter, thank you for making my point for me. Way to go making it personal without saying anything constructive. You’re a great ambassador for the anti-greenists.

    @dodgy geezer, dodgy answer. How is that eco-terrorism? That’s just a poor threat that you’ll never carry out.

    I’m seeing a lot of words in response but nothing really answering my questions. I take it none of you actually have a clue what you’re talking about, or you just love picking up on what the majority say and rehash it because it’s a safe place to hide.

    Good luck forming your own, educated opinions in the future although I doubt you lack the courage or intelligence to do so.

  13. @Fightclub : why are you telling me about Monsatos or the US congress ? I would be happy to discuss this, but this is not the point : we were talking about eco-terrorism.

    I gave you 2 examples of the damage ecology can make when it gets to ideology (and that’s the problem with many of the current ecologic movements). These 2 examples were not far from terrorism, and were much more devastating.

  14. I mention them because they are genuine terrorists, unlike 1010 who just want to increase people’s awareness of an issue which is most certainly not a scam.

    Evidence of global warming is all around us, look at what’s happening in the Himalayas right now. Ice caps 8000m high are crumbling because of a change in the climate, same goes for the Alps (at almost 4800m). It’s unheard of until now.

    The largest glacier in Greenland is melting, water levels are rising. This isn’t fear mongering, it’s fact.

    I hardly see how 1010 can be deemed terrorists because they try to educate people through poor taste campaigns.

    The point objectors are missing is that the advert was ironic, they don’t want to kill human beings and they certainly don’t encourage others too either.

    People are dying of climate change related incidents – 50 in the Alps this year alone. The evidence is out there and it’s not hard to find.

    • “The number of victims caused by climate change is very big” — “bigger than the victims of wars,” quotes from one of Osama Bin Laden’s lo-budget videos reported in the press 3 days ago. Of course 10:10 doesn’t support terrorism, and will not really blow people up (the special effects department do that well enough in Curtis’s film). But the ideology behind 10:10 inadvertently fuels misanthropic nihilists like Bin Laden who also wants to save the planet from materialism, progress, rational thinking, and a free and open society – which is why he also has no qualms about blowing people up.

  15. @Fight Club :

    Some glaciers might be melting, it might be obvious to you (I don’t know how, do you live next to the Alps, well I do and I went skiing their last year, went all great), but it does not mean it is “unheard of until now”. Have you heard about Ice age ? Well, since that time, I’m happy there has been some melting. You should chose better arguments, there are still some, but not this one : it is THE big mistake that was pointed out on the last IPCC report, even its president had to admit…

    And no, there has not been 50 deaths this year in the Alps because of climate change. And before you tell me : no, no island has ever be deserted by its inhabitants because of sea level rise.

  16. Used to be a fan of Gillian. I’ve seen her say some stupid things. But, this is out of line. She is psychotic like the filthy pigs behind this video.

  17. This movie ruined Gillian for me.

    Did you notice that everyone around those in school and at work that did go along was horror?

    The only people who were calm with the exploding nay sayers were the people with the buttons in those two scenes which one could agrue were the most impacting, but each button pusher was devoid of any humanity and instead utterly soulless.

    This was not made to be a failure, those involved thought it was funny. It was to be shown in movie theaters for gods sake to support their cause!

    Wake up people, call a Nazi for a Nazi when you see a freaking Nazi Video.

  18. The post ice age argument is weak. Obviously there has been a little melting since then other wise we’d still be living in it.

    And no, the Alps are not fine. Do the homework.

    Maybe no islands have been evacuated either but New Orleans certainly had a hell of a bashing a few years ago. Yes the area is prone to flooding and hurricanes but not previously to the scale of the last one.

    If you’re in denial about it that’s fine, but just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    The tobacco industry tried to tell people that second hand smoke wasn’t dangerous. They pulled top scientists out of the woodwork to back their claims and you know what? They were proved wrong.

    People always get defensive when something comes along to threaten their way of life, which is exactly what the threat of climate change is doing.

    People don’t want to put TV’s on standby or share cars, get buses or even worse – walk. This is because they’re comfy, short-sighted and lazy.

    Time will be the decider in this argument and if nothing changes in 40 years and we’re all still living happily in safe climates then you can look me up and call me a loser. I can cope with that.

    But if the eco-fascists are right…

  19. @ Fight Club :

    Let’s not mix 2 different issues :

    1- Is there a problem related to global warming caused by man-made C02 ? my opinion is : no. First I’m not sure there is a global warming (it was as warm as now around 1000 AD, and temperatures stopped rising 12 years ago -you can check yourself). Second, nobody can say CO2 is responsible. But let’s say that we can discuss these points.

    2- Is there a ideologic and extremist green movement, that does not even want to discuss, and think its fight to “save the planet” is above all, and that might turn into a fascist-like movement ? My answer is yes, and the 10:10 video does not give a good signal. Is 10:10 fascist : I don’t think so. Will it stay this way ? I’m not sure…

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  21. Have you ever watched the movie “The wave” (

    It doesn’t take a lot to brainwash young people to follow an idea. No matter what the idea is about. Just make it funny or interesting and you will find very quickly someone who will take this as the bible. My grandfather nearly died in the KZ, because of his believes and that he talked against the NAZI system.
    I read somewhere that humans breathe in about 400ppm of CO2 and breathe out 4000ppm of CO2 with every breath.
    Someone could get the wrong idea and think that people should be eliminated to save the planet.
    Wait a minute; there are people out there that have the plan to reduce the world population to 1 billion or less.

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  24. Gillian Anderson particpated in this vile piece of garbage…unsurprising, she’s just another Hollywood libtard. May I suggest that Gillian and her fellow eco-nazis be the first to step up to the plate in their fight to save earth from the “cancer” that is humanity. Please, by all means dear, volunteer to blow up your three children and yourself and remove your spawn from the burden they’ve placed on the planet.

  25. Well done birdie, thank you for showing your true colours. By making your extremely intelligent statement you are proving to the world that you are no better than the supposed eco-terrorists at 10:10.

  26. Damn those folk at 10:10 who are foolishly trying to take over the world by encouraging people to cut back on their carbon emissions. The devils!

    That way, stupid people will get to produce progeny that is potentially as retarded as themselves, or, terrifyingly, more so.

  27. Fight Club,

    Do you not get it – the point I am making? If the presence of humans on planet earth is something the earth really “can’t handle” and there are a group of people (the environmentalists) who are so crazy as to think that the answer is to REMOVE humanity, then they should put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. They don’t get to “play God” and decide who lives and who dies, and murder innocent people who don’t buy into their bulsshit agenda.

    If they truly worship their ‘god’ of “Mother Earth” then they should be the FIRST to make the ultimate sacrifice for her, and stop being such hypocrites.

    Let the rest of us who are SANE and have our sense of self-preservation intact carry on the whole of humanity.

  28. Nobody in the 1010 campaign is saying that humanity should be removed. You are completely missing their point and sensationalising a misconception in order to fit in with the other ignorant fools who are trying to paint them as eco-nazis.

    If you actually look into what 1010 are about, all they are trying to do is encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint by a mere 10% in one year.

    Not much to ask is it?

    Nowhere do they say YOU MUST OBEY YOU WILL DIE…

    You’re lumping all environmentalists into one basket, a complete generalisation which is utterly unfair. Sure, there’s extremists in every walk of life who take things too far, but most eco-friendly people I know are actually just everyday folk who care about the planet they live on and wish to leave behind a positive legacy for their progeny.

    So please, stop being a sheep and learn to form your own educated opinion.

  29. “Nowhere do they say YOU MUST OBEY YOU WILL DIE…”

    Yes, they most certainly do say EXACLTY that.

    That is the ENTIRE premise of the ad AND its tagline:

    “Just do this simple little thing, only 10%…no pressure. But if you don’t, we blow you to smithereens…”

    Really, it is not a hard concept to grasp. Your characterization of it is SO disingenuous as to be an outright lie.

    If the same ad was made and the religion of environmentalism and dirt-worship was replaced by Islam or Christianity (saying if you don’t do what we tell you, we’ll kill you & your children) the OUTRAGE around the world would be DEAFENING and NEVER-ENDING.

    Don’t worry – nobody is fooled. Everybody with two brain cells to rub together got the REAL message LOUD and CLEAR.

    It backfired on them in a spectacular blaze of glory, further undermining the absurd environmentalists’ agenda. They’ve lost ALL credibility and are in an unrecoverable flat spin.

    Sayonara, you dirt-worshippers!

  30. She did not spontaneously combust, she was murdered. Not for disagreeing with 10:10, not for not believing in AGW but for not doing enough in the eyes of the facist misanthropes. It’s not just funny to them to murder those who are ambivalent or of a different opinion but are happy to murder those who do share their opinion but aren’t fanatic enough. Hilarious!

  31. Guys, it’s a short movie! Not to be taken literally. Of course it’s not be taken literally! That one has to say that is an utter amzement for me. It’a artistic licence by the director and the writers of this short promotion. IF we don’t do something now about the Earth’s climate the life we live will explode in the face of our children and their children That may very well be the consequences of the reckless way of life we lead.
    Calling people fascists snd whatever for believing in the climate changes are way over the top. Sure, there are things in this issue that are wildly debateble but look around you and tell me that the world isn’t changeing. Big chunks of ice breaking loose, island in the Pacific ocean sinking etc etc. It’s for me not a question og IF but of WHEN.

  32. Well done Linda Howard. One of the very few people on here who is intelligent, sane and takes the movie for what it actually is. A warning; not a threat.

    I was losing faith in humanity!

    You rock.

  33. Idiots there is no evidence for global warming from co2 outside computermodels and they are just guesswork.Climate change is NATURAL its been going on for 4.5 billion years and will continue hopefully

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