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Nicholas Caged – Actor arrested in New Orleans after drunken row


Vastly overrated actor Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans’ French Quarter at the weekend after a drinking binge that led to a public fracas with this wife. The argument was over a house they were stood outside with Cage seemingly confused over which property the couple were renting.

According to the police report Cage and his wife were stood outside an apartment which the one-trick-pony actor believed the couple to be renting but when his spouse insisted otherwise he grabbed her arms and got all action-hero on her.

Nick Cage's mug shot from Saturday night courtesy of Orleans Parish

He then started to punch cars, displaying classic bully tendencies by attacking something which can’t hit back, clearly having no other vent for the rage in the cage; and when officers turned up he tried to escape in a taxi. One officer, noticing that Nick was off his trolley, ordered him out of the cab but Cage simply started yelling abuse at him.

The officers arrested him and have since charged him with domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. He was released on $11,000 bond Saturday night which was reportedly posted by Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Cage’s representatives could not be reached over the weekend.

Nicholas Cage is no stranger to New Orleans, in fact he has filmed several bad movies there and has in the past owned property in the city.

As one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors Cage sure has dropped himself in it with a string of bad decisions throughout his life. It all started going wrong after ‘Raising Arizona’, a role in which he shone, probably because he got to play himself. A string of overrated films shot the actor to celestial status and with it his ego soared, thinking of himself as untouchable.

A slew of terrible films ensued, including Face Off in which he starred opposite Scientology proponent and balding fat man, John Travolta, and the flimsy comic book adaptation of Ghost Rider which could only have improved if they’d dropped the cgi and instead flayed and ignited Cage’s head.

Financial woe followed and his millions of dollars in movie income soon became millions of dollars in tax debt. He pinned his financial ruin on his former business manager who he fired in October 2009 and has subsequently sued for $20m.

In 1995 Nicholas Cage won an Academy Award for his performance in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and a sequel, Leaving New Orleans might prove to be even more popular.

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