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NFL sued for concealing concussion risks


As many as 75 former players have filed a lawsuit against the organisation, claiming it intentionally concealed the harmful effects of game-related concussions for 90 years.

The papers, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, cite the players and their wives claiming, “The NFL knew as early as the 1920’s of the harmful effects on a player’s brain of concussions; however, until June of 2010 they concealed these facts from coaches, trainers, players and the public.”

The NFL is being sued by former players

According to the suit, the league commissioned a survey in 1994 named “NFL Committee on MIld Traumatic Brain Injury” and published a report in 2004, the conclusion of which was that there was “no evidence of worsening injury or chronic cumulative effects” from receiving multiple concussions.

The allegation is that the NFL did not admit that concussions could lead to dementia, CTE, memory loss and related ailments later in life until June 2010. All of the players in the suit claim they sufffered injuries as a result of multiple concussions.

NFL helmets manufacturer Riddell is also a defendant and the league is additionally being sued for fraud, negligence and failure to warn. The parties filing the suit are seeking unspecified damages. Among them are former wide receiver for the Dolphins, Mark Duper, and former running backs for the Giants Otis Anderson and Rodney Hampton.

“We have not seen the complaint but would vigorously contest any claims of this kind,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in response to reports of the lawsuit.

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