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Nanny speaks on Anna Nicole Smith’s death due to drug overdose


Anna Nicole Smith’s nanny has come out with another statement that she had a list of drugs given to the model, says a report published in Anna Nicole Smith’s doctors and lawyer boyfriend’s drug conspiracy trial has got the nanny speaking about the 18 drugs that the model used to take.

Nanny Nadine Alexie spoke to the jury about the drugs and said that she knew about the drugs Anna was consuming because she was studying to become a pharmacy technician. She showed the list of the drugs in the court on Tuesday that Anna was taking. The list included a number of opiates and sedatives.

In the report published in, Nadine has said that Smith’s boyfriend Howard K. Stern and her doctor Khristine Eroshevich told her that Anna was not well but she clearly remembered the time when the model was perfectly fine and was not taking any medicines.

She said that Smith used to be happy and used to enjoy to dance, talk with her and read the Bible. There was also a time when Stern ordered her to take the medicine but she refused it as she was too busy in making a baby book for her newborn daughter.

The nanny has clearly said before the jury that the doctor would force Smith to take the medicines left by Eroshevich and after she took them she would become drowsy, groggy and had slurred speech. There were times when Smith was not even able to hold her newborn daughter as she was too weak.

Two celebrities who died of an accidental overdose include Heath Ledger and  Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein. Other celebrities in hospital with medication overdoses include Shawn King, Fantasia Barrino and Jennifer Capriati.

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