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Mumbai fire leaves Slumdog Millionaire star, Rubina Ali homeless


Rubina Ali, childhood star of Slumdog Millionaire has been left with nothing after a fire ripped through hundreds of tenement blocks near where she lived with her family in a one room ‘shack’.

The fire started late Friday evening and destroyed many homes near the railway lines where Ali had continued to live after garnering international recognition for her role in the Bollywood blockbuster. Nobody has been reported as injured by the fire.

Ali was launched to international fame by Danny Boyle’s Oscar winning 2008 spectacle Slumdog Millionaire, and said that she has lost almost all of her possessions including irreplaceable photographs from her time in LA for the Oscar ceremony and from the set of the film.

“We only have a few clothes left, we tried hard to salvage whatever we could before the fire spread. My pictures at the Oscars, all my memories, are all gone,” Ali told interviewers while her family huddled together under a single blanket.

Although the flames had been extinguished by the time Ali and others dug through the ashes to find anything of value, small plumes of smoke still rose from the smouldering embers which are now all that remains of her home.

She was just 8-years-old when she took the role of Latika in Boyle’s film and her moving story which charted the rise from slums to the internationally recognised Oscar awards made headlines the world over.

Boyle promised both Ali and her co-star Azharuddin that he would provide homes for them in Mumbai after the film.

Azharuddin moved into his home in July 2009, and Ali is set to take up residence in a new apartment in Bandra; one of Mumbai’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, within the next few months where she will be rubbing shoulders with many Bollywood stars.

“We have found a flat for them and they will move in in the next couple of months,” said Neerja Mattoo, a member of the ‘Jai Ho’ trust.

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