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Mindy McCready reportedly did not attempt suicide


Mindy McCready was rushed to a hospital after her mother found her unresponsive, with what she thought was an empty bottle of pills next to her. Her mother Gail reportedly called 911 and told dispatchers it was a suicide attempt.

Not so, say other sources. It was confirmed that just last week Mindy, who lost custody of her four-year-old son to her mother due to drug problems, took and passed a court ordered drug test. Mindy is currently trying to regain custody of her child.

Dr. Drew, who treated Mindy during the 2009 season of ‘Celebrity Rehab’, believes Mindy is coping well with her addiction, and doesn’t believe the overdose is related to it.

“I have been in touch with Mindy. I don’t see this as related to her addiction per se,” Dr. Drew told

A representative of Mindy’s told PEOPLE there is no “information that points toward an overdose”. Doctors are, however, still keeping her at the hospital.

The fact that Mindy’s mother, who has had custody of her son Zander since 2007, believes her daughter might have attempted suicide, is not unfounded. Mindy, who has battled drug and domestic abuse problems in the past, was hospitalized several times for attempted suicides in the past few years, including in 2005 and in 2008.

“We have not been given information to confirm the reports of an overdose or attempted suicide,” Mindy’s rep said in a statement. “It should be noted that the relationship between Mindy and her mother, Gayle, is volatile and unhealthy. They are currently in the midst of a custody battle for the guardianship of Mindy’s son.”

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