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Miley Cyrus returns to Twitter to stalk Charlie Sheen


Miley Cyrus has ended her Twitter hiatus and returned to the social network in order to stalk a fellow rehab dweller and a man whom her father suggested might be the mirror for her to snort cocaine from – none other than the vapid baguette of bullshit and leaky bag of mundanity himself; Charlie Sheen.

Having turned her back on the short-form blog site back in 2009, she has opened a new account under the guise of her forthcoming Gypsy Heart Tour. The power of Twitter as a promotional tool is unquestionable; just ask Sheen himself who amassed millions of fans in just a few days.

Charlie Sheen has this effect on a lot of people

Upon her return one of her first tweets read as: “‘Do not fear…the Sheenius is here!’ I’m not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning.”

In response Charlie Sheen (surely too pre-occupied with his hit and miss (mainly miss) stage show) fired back: “Dear Miley, Welcome back to Twitter! Always felt you were epic… Now you proved it! Thanks for the love! ybh c.”

“I always felt the same about you! You have taught me everything I know about WINNING. Duh!” Replied Miley.

Looks like Billy Ray Cyrus was something of a prophet when he spoke of his concern over his daughter’s future welfare when he booked her into rehab saying: “We consider this the best path to avoid seeing pictures in the National Enquirer of Miley crashing her car after a night of partying or doing a line of blow off of Charlie Sheen.”

He really has got quite a reputation hasn’t he?! Sex, drugs, hookers, tiger blood and now it seems teenage girls too; even Led Zeppelin might have trouble topping that.

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