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Mickey Rooney granted restraining order against stepson


Now that he has been granted a restraining order against his abusive stepson, Mickey Rooney — the last surviving star from Hollywood’s Golden Age — can hopefully look forward to a  more peaceful existence.

Chris Aber, 54, who allegedly been threatened, intimidated, bullied and harassed his 90-year-old stepfather, may not come within 100 yards away of the veteran actor and his home.

Legal documents filed in Los Angeles claim thats Aber  “threatens, intimidates, bullies and harasses” the former child star and that he has been trying to convince him to sign over control of his assets.

“Mickey is extremely fearful that Chris will become physically threatening against Mickey and may even attempt to kidnap Mickey from his home,” the actor’s lawyers said.

“All I want to do is live a peaceful life, to regain my life and be happy,” Rooney said in a statement. “I pray to God each day to protect us, help us endure, and guide those senior citizens who are also suffering.”

Eight-times married Mickey Rooney, who rose to fame as a child star playing Andy Hardy, has had one of the longest careers of any actor and in 1983 he was awarded an honorary Oscar “in recognition of his 50 years of versatility”.

The veteran actor battled an addiction to drugs during the 1970s. Other stars who have stuggled with drug addiction include Melane GriffithMichael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Charlton Heston, Betty Ford, Burt Reynolds and DJ AM.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

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