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Michael Lohan makes public plea over daughter’s addiction


That problematic former child star Lindsay Lohan has had a problem with drugs and alcohol in the past is a well-known fact. The starlet has entered rehab on several occasions and often been captured by photographers in less than flattering moments – usually,  while drunk or high. She has been in trouble with the law and been threatened to enter prison. Now her apparent prescription medication addiction is making it’s way to people’s attention – her father has made a public plea for his daughter to give up the drugs.

The pair’s strained relationship, another well-documented entity of Lindsay’s life, has received much media attention. Lindsay’s father Michael, who has battled his own addictions in the past, including to alcohol, is accusing his daughter of losing herself to drugs.

Lindsay – who is in an on/off relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson – claims her father is doing whatever is necessary to get media attention. Despite many efforts on his part, Lindsay has ignored his calls for her to get a grip and become clean. His latest plea occurred on U.S. talk show ‘Maury’.

While, to some, it proves just how out of touch he is with his daughter, many are left wondering whether his claims of Lindsay being “hollow” due to an addiction are true.

“Lindsay, I love you with all my heart … I’m not going to bury you,” he said on the show.

“I’m going to do everything and anything I have to, to safe your life.”

Whether Lindsay will listen to her father’s pleas or whether she will wave off his latest effort as another media-craving plot, remains to be seen.

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