Michael Jackson: The findings of the autopsy report

The official autopsy report released by the L.A. Coroner’s Office has given the world a deeper impression into Michael Jackson’s death. Fiercely private and always well sheltered in later years, everyone assumed the King of Pop was quirky, and ill. But just how ill shocked and surprised many fans the world over when he died, and it was revealed just how much medication Michael was consuming on a daily basis just to cope.

Michael died of “acute propofol intoxication”, as was assumed. The singer’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, is currently facing a trial for charges of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly administering the lethal injection of the heavy sedative. Dr. Murray has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

MTV.com also writes the singer was balding, hence wearing a wig in public, and that there was a bandage at the tip of his nose. The singer reportedly also had tattoos where his eyebrows are, and another where his lips are.

Michael was suffering from “chronic lung inflammation, respiratory bronchiolitis, diffuse congestion and patchy hemorrhage of right and left lungs” at the time of his death. MTV also writes that in addition to propofol, traces of other substances were also found in his blood, including lidocaine, diazepam, nordiazepam, lorazepam, midazolam and ephedrine.

Michael Jackson in 1988

Michael Jackson in 1988

According to MSNBC, Michael was also underweight at the time of his death, weighing only 136 pounds. The website also reports equipment was found at Michael’s house, including a closed bottle of urine and catheters, which may suggest incontinence. Equipment that should have been there, but was not, was monitoring equipment and resuscitation equipment, as well as precise dosing, which could prove detrimental to Dr. Murray’s case.

Other findings of the autopsy confirmed the 50-year-old star was in fact suffering from skin illness vitiligo, dispelling rumors that he claimed having the illness as a front for skin-bleaching cosmetic surgeries.

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25 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: The findings of the autopsy report

  1. Of course you need to have a catheter when you are anesthetized! You can’t just wake up and walk to the bathroom to urinate.

    And the drugs found in Michael’s system were administered to him by none other than Conrad Murray who administered them to Michael Jackson after Murray decided to wean him off of the propofol. Murray admitted this to police in his statements and it is highly unlikely Michael Jackson could have functioned with a daily routine of those drugs in his system, that was the reason Jackson preferred the propofol to try to sleep, it leaves the system quickly leaving little aftereffects.

  2. This same information was released months ago – and the headlines were that he was healthy! Yes, his prescription drug addiction is disturbing, but his weight was considered within the range of normal, not underweight. And you mention the truth that he had vitiligo at the end of your blurb, as ‘less shocking,’ when for many people who believed he bleached his skin and was trying to be white, this is the most significant information.

  3. Idiot, stop sensationalizing something where nothing needs to be sensationalist. From what I can tell, you had no idea what you were reading. Obviously it went way over your head. Maybe you should read the report again, and get someone to explain it to you very slowly.
    All the drugs were there because they were administered by Dr Homicide. “Chronic (it wasn’t it was acute) lung inflammation, respiratory bronchiolitis, diffuse congestion and patchy hemorrhage of right and left lungs” that happens when you have a heart attack and have been having CPR for two hours. Why didn’t you also report he had broken ribs to sensationalize it a bit more?
    The catheter – have you not had an operation before? Have you never seen one there?
    He is 50 – 50 year old go bald. Oh my goodness what a shocker!!! If you have only found that out now, well where have you been living?
    And 136 pounds is actually a healthy weight – maybe you weigh 200 pounds and found him too thin for your liking.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth!! : )
      I to read the report and not once but twice, it took me a day and a half to make sure I understood it. I didn’t want to be rambling off about something I misunderstood; )
      Anyways, the report sounds bad, but in all it mainly stated many times that for a 50 year old, this was normal .( Keep in mind he was a very busy kid up to a man, who never stopped going, singing and all that dancing would make his body a little bit more worn out to boot!)
      It also lists the drugs too, but only one besides the propofol was an issue. One thing that found interesting was the area to do with his adrenal glands, they found an unusually mass close by, later to be revealed as a functioning gland. I know about adrenal glands, and they account for a lot of anxiety and coping, some sensitivity to things, and many other things, too much to list.
      The other thing was an organ that was missing or otherwise demolished by CPR, I currently forget the name of it,,,Th….something, anyways, it is an important little thing we need in our bodies that is part of the immune system. I read it as MJ did not have one,or other…
      I would like to state that I always believed MJ had vitiligo. If one was to pay close attention to the older photos during J -5 days, when MJ was a teen ,close to adulthood,(Afro days) he never covered his hands. And that is where it starts, on the fingers. You can see clear as day the vitiligo. I really think MJ was not too concerned about it until the media started to chime in on his skin, like his acne too. Almost everyone goes thought this awkward phase and we all feel like shit about it. Imagine it 100 fold, in front of the world. The media is to blame for so much of MJ downfall, as we fans already know. Since MJ has left this world, I have become a big fan of finding out how the media pulls off there little stunts, tricks, and out right premeditated headlines. They even had headline created for when MJ goes to jail….it was like premature ejaculation on there part! MJ was of course innocent. Kind of like this blog!!
      Go back and read the report, use a dictionary if you have too!

  4. This is why journalism needs to be professionalized. Then we wouldn’t have hacks like the author of this piece spewing their uninformed opinion all over the internet. Jeez…they let anyone lie for a living these days, don’t they? “Disturbing findings” indeed. Only to clowns who don’t know what they’re reading.

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  6. Disturbing?? having Vitiligo or having these ailments which so many people have is Disturbing??? are you serious? Let the man rest in peace!! Stop dissecting his life even after his death.

    It is disturbing to see people like you try to make crap out of nothing!! you sad low life!

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  9. Yeah, this article was spectacularly bad, I agree with the other people commenting about what a poor piece of reporting this is.

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  11. What? The tone of this article is ridiculous. ACTUALLY, the report claimed that he was quite healthy, except for the lung inflammation that would NOT have affected his ability to perform (as we all witnessed in This is It). I read in the New York Times today that Olympic ski jumpers weigh on the low end of the height/weight charts…”Schmitt stands 5 feet 11 1/2″ and weighs 138.6 pounds which gives him a body mass index just above the acceptable low limit”. Well, MJ was shorter and weighed 136 pounds. And the Olympians manage. Dancers are usually underweight and MJ purposely wanted his body to be underweight. He was quite thin during the Thriller era and you couldn’t say he was unhealthy. Doctors even claimed that this was on the low end, but NOT emaciated. The above article is sensationalist tabloid reporting that totally distorts what professional medical people claim.

    • Actually, there has been a lot of criticism about ski jumpers being too skinny and maybe anorexic.

      A few of them have openly spoken about their anorexia – obviously the pressure too succeed makes them lose too much weight… One of them is the Swiss Ski Jumper Stephan Zünd (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephan_Zünd, the German wiki entry mentions the anorexia, the English does not).

      • Thanks for the link Daniel. I failed to mention that the New York Times article IS about the weight issues of ski jumpers. I should have mentioned that. The International Ski Federation put in a rule in 2004 that tied maximum ski length to a jumper’s relative height and body weight. I just wanted to point out that Schmitt meets the criteria (and that MJ was comparable). But it is a problem for ski jumpers. I am no expert….just mentioning what I read in Friday’s paper (but I should have given more background).

  12. Open your eyes – autopsy report is fake! There are many mistakes and discrepancies in this papers.

  13. The hair loss was caused by discoid lupus affecting his scalp. He had the tatooes done a long time ago. If you look at pictures during his Thriller and Bad era, you can see that there were times when he had gaps around his hairline, that’s why he combed it smooth in the front.

    He would be so embarassed to have all this info come out. I wish that a friend or member of his family could explain this on his behalf

    • Wouldn’t it make sense for the burns from the Pepsi commercial to have left scarring and therefor baldness? I read the whole report just because I knew there would be people trying to sensationalize it thinking fans would be too lazy to read for themselves.

  14. Sent to the editor:
    Your story “Michael Jackson: Disturbing findings of the autopsy report” is factually incorrect and sensationalizes Mr. Jackson’s physical condition at the time of his death. It is irresponsible reporting of the kind that always surrounds Mr. Jackson; please read the comments that have been posted by fans, who clearly know much more than your reporter does. The overall finding by the coroner was that Mr. Jackson was healthy at the time of his death, he was not ill, as your reporter states. The lung ailment was some kind of chronic, but not life-threatening, condition; his hair loss was due to lupus; the drugs in his system at the time of death had been administered by Dr. Murray and there is no other evidence of drug use (we can speculate, but we don’t know). The tattoos on his face and scalp are not evidence of illness. As was reported several months ago now, his weight was normal for someone of his height (at the low end, to be sure, but not out of range). So, in fact, there are no dark secrets about Mr. Jackson that were revealed in the autopsy report. Please try to respect Mr. Jackson in death. He gave the world so much, and he was treated shamefully by the press.

  15. According to medical expert analysis, Dr. Murray was not qualified to administer the medications in question without the proper diagnosis, equipment and expertise. His word is entirely against Michael Jackson’s (who is no longer around to defend himself). Nevertheless, I do feel that, in lieu of the fact that Dr. Murray has yet to receive a penny for his service to Michael Jackson, his gross negligence may have been motivated by this fact. His finances were in complete shambles and he may have been in dispute about not being paid. Therefore, he may have intentionally mixed up the “sedative cocktail” out of spite and make it appear as though Michael Jackson was a “junkie” who contributed to his own dimise. Also, he failed to summon the proper medical support in a timely manner once Michael Jackson was in distress which raises further suspicions. Michael Jackson was 50 years old and had a slim build all of his life. I do feel that his death was senseless and avoidable.

  16. I read the report and noticed that they said Michael was 6″ 1″…. I thought this was wrong as I have read that he was 5″ 9″..Im sure he did not grow after he died… Where did Doctor Doom get the money for his bail of $75,000 when he had no money for child support…

  17. This article is some b.s. NEWS FLASH: MJ ultimately died of Propofol intoxication although other drugs were found in his system, those of which MURRAY gave him. MJ did not die of any other condition point blank. This article makes it seem as if he was in such horrible condition, when he in fact was NOT. Face the facts people. He died at the hands of a DOCTOR. He did not commit suicide and he is NOT to blame for his death. He was HEALTHY, yet again Michael has proved everybody who condemned him wrong. It sucks doesn’t it?

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