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Michael Jackson is reincarnated as a Brazilian cab driver


The king of pop is not dead!  Taxi driver Jean Walker, who plies his trade on the streets of Minas Gerias, has found the spirit of Michael Jackson singing though him as he drives his cab everyday.

Walker’s amazing revelation has stunned passengers and onlookers and he is quickly growing a sizeable fan base in Brazil and beyond. His uncanny renditions of Michael Jackson songs are not BAD at all, and patrons have often left the cab calling the ride a “THRILLER.”

Michael Jackson is alive and well and driving a taxi in Brazil

His many admirers have been thankful that although he sounds incredibly like the king of pop, there is no crutch grabbing while he drives; but they have mentioned that he spends too much time talking with the man in the mirror when really he should keep his eye on the road.

Wait – there’s worse puns yet.

There have been cases where passengers have asked to leave the cab, obviously not MJ fans, but Jean has told them, “hey, DON’T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH.”

Once a young man couldn’t afford the taxi fare and after some discussion Walker told him to ‘BEAT IT.’

Can it get worse you’re wondering?  Yup.

Walker has said that Michael Jackson’s spirit is “JUST ANOTHER PART OF ME,” and that it’s HUMAN NATURE to express himself the way he does. He does however set a limit of TWENTY FIVE MILES on all journeys so he can keep his customers keen for more.

Anyway, almost enough of the painful puns; if you ever find yourself in Minas Gerias and you need a ride just stick out a thumb for Jean Walker, it doesn’t matter if you’re BLACK OR WHITE he’ll pick you up and the ride will be a SCREAM.

See the video of Jean ‘Michael Jackson’ Walker here:

Please share your thoughts on Jean’s amazing skills, or feel free to take written pot shots at me for the terrible punning by leaving a comment.

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