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Michael Douglas to have chemotherapy


After discovering a tumor in his throat, doctors have ordered Michael Douglas to begin chemotherapy immediately. According to reports, the 65-year-old actor will have to endure eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The good news is that his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. Even Michael is in good spirits: “I am very optimistic,” People quotes him as saying in a statement.

What type of tumor it is, remains unknown for the moment.

Based on conversations with specialists, USA TODAY is reporting it is likely Michael either has a tumor affecting his larynx or the oropharynx. The fact that Michael is set to undergo such a rigorous treatment suggests he is battling some sort of advanced cancer.

The Oscar-winning actor will hit the silver screens this fall with his sequel to the 1980’s hit ‘Wall Street’.

Find out more about throat cancer. George Harrison from the Beatles is one celebrity who has battled throat cancer.

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