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Michael Douglas to finish gruelling cancer treatment this week


After eight intensive weeks of chemotherapy and radiation to treat his stage IV throat cancer, Michael Douglas has just one more session to get through.

This will be a huge relief for the actor, who found it painful to swallow and difficult to eat as a result. His publicist Allen Bury said that Michael was “really happy” about the aggressive treatment coming to an end and that after this final session no further treatments were scheduled.

Michael Douglas told US talk show host David Letterman that he has an 80 percent chance of survival, which is an excellent prognosis for someone with such advanced cancer. Stage IV implies that his cancer has metastized, or spread to other organs, or throughout the body. “I am head and neck,” Douglas said. “I am above the neck, so nothing’s gone down, and the expectations are good…”

Catherine Zeta Jones , who returned from Wales where she was watching the Ryder Cup to be with her husband said on Wednesday: “He’s holding up very, very well and everyone could not be happier with the progress. He’s doing fine thanks.

“He’s strong and the doctors are so happy and he’s just about to complete – what anyone who’s gone through it knows – a pretty gruelling eight weeks.”

Despite his treatment, Michael Douglas has been heavily promoting his new film ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’, which reprises his Oscar-winning role as one of the screen’s most notorious villains, Gordon Gekko.

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