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Michael Douglas on very unHollywood weight-gain diet


Hollywood and dieting are two terms that go hand in hand. But whereas the majority of celebrities are constantly striving to knock off the pounds, cancer-stricken Michael Douglas has been put on a diet to do just the contrary.

The Wall Street actor has dropped to a startling 140 pounds and a source told the Daily Mirror: “He needs to bulk up. He’s so fragile that doctors are worried he won’t be strong enough to recover from treatment which has left him weak.”

Michael Douglas recently completed a gruelling eight-week course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to remove a walnut-sized tumor in his throat after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

In order to fill out a bit and regain some much-needed strength after his draining treatment, the fragile-looking 66 year old has been put on a fat-laden diet which has usual dieting no-no’s like liver and creamy pasta on the menu. Liquidized chicken is also an important part of the diet.  According to the source the liver and fats help to build an alkaline body “while the chicken is nourishing. It’s all easy to swallow.”

Easy to swallow it may be, but unfortunately Douglas won’t be savoring the taste of these rich meals. One of the side effects of the aggressive treatment is that he has lost his sense of taste. But the Hollywood veteran clearly hasn’t lost his sense of spirit, saying that he can’t wait to enjoy a good glass of his favorite alcoholic tipple when he beats his cancer: “A lot of my energy has gone and I have increased soreness in my mouth. But overall I feel good. And I’m rather looking forward to enjoying a good glass of wine when I get my taste buds back again.”

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