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Michael Douglas looking forward to “third act” of his career


Not so long ago doom-laden tabloids like the National Enquirer were feeding us with stories that the frail and gaunt-looking actor has only “three months to live” and that he “might die before New Year’s Eve”.

Indeed, Michael Douglas was looking on the rough side, but after going through such gruelling treatment for his Stage 4 cancer, one could hardly expect him to look the picture of health from one day to the next.  In an upbeat interview for the latest issue of the Hollywood Reporter, the actor, 66, said: “The level of chemo, the amount they’re giving you, combined with radiation, was the max they could in that period of time.”

“It’s amazing that they almost have to try and kill you to bring you back.”

And bring him back they have, with Douglas already preparing for his next role as the larger-than-life flamboyant pianist Liberace in Soderbergh’s upcoming biopic, which starts shooting in May or June. “I’ve got a bunch of tapes of performances,” Douglas said. “I’m thinking; I’m a blank slate. Everything shows me he was a lovely man; I just want to reconfirm that.”

Michael Douglas, whose leading ladies have included the sizzling Sharon Stone and Demi Moore, will have Oscar winner Matt Damon playing his young longtime love interest, Scott Thorsen, in a relationship that went sour when he sued the extravagant star for more than $100 million in palimony. Libarace died in 1987 of AIDS.

Michael Douglas will learn in January whether his tumor has been eliminated. Doctors have told him that the prognosis for his type of cancer is good, with an 80 percent recovery rate.

In addition to his new film project, Michael Douglas has some serious travelling up his sleeve, with plans to take his family on a trip around the world: “They’re at a good age where they’d be old enough to understand it but not be torn away from their peer group.”

After a paricularly challenging year, marked by his son’s incarceration for drug-related charges, the discovery that he has Stage 4 throat cancer and then his ex-wife’s lawsuit, one can only wish the very best for the Hollywood star and loving family man.

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