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Mel Gibson all set to counter-sue Oksana Grigorieva


Mel Gibson is apparently planning to wage a legal war against his former lover Oksana Grigorevia if she goes ahead with her plan to file a civil lawsuit against him for “battery, emotional distress and defamation”.

Mel Gibson has managed to avoid a three-year jail sentence after pleading “no contest”, but his disturbing behavior towards ex Oksana Grigorevia has still landed him a three years’ probation for misdemeanor battery, and he will have to attend 52 weeks of domestic violence and mental health counselling.

This whole messy business started last year, when tapes of a nasty tirade at his former lover Oksana, 40, were leaked, in which he could be heard saying: “You look like a f****** pig in heat. If you get raped by a pack of n******, it will be your fault.”

The actor, who was accused of taking a swipe at the Russian singer while she held their one-year-old child, has been formally charged with”wilful and unlawful use of force and violence upon the person of Oksana G”.

But the battle is far from over. As reported by TMZ, Oksana still plans to sue, despite the no contest plea. And now, according to the tabloid, Mel has fired back and is apparently all too keen to¬† “wage a legal war” and sue the 44 year old for extortion if she really does intend to go ahead with her plan.

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