Meat the Flintstones as Google celebrates their 50th anniversary

One of the first sitcoms to grace our screens was the Flintstones and today Google is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stone Age celebrities with a doodle on its homepage. For five decades, generation after generation have grown up with that familiar song and the comical intro sequence where Fred’s car is tipped over by a huge rack of dinosaur ribs at a drive-thru.

Of course we all know that prehistoric life wasn’t like that. For starters those stone wheels on Fred’s car would have made it so heavy that he’d have needed legs like a Tyrannosaurus Rex to push it along. And even if they did have cars, the road surfaces were terrible in those days.

So what of that giant rack of ribs? Well in truth the prehistoric man was a hunter / gatherer and most of his time was spent looking for food. Contrary to popular belief man never walked the earth at the same time as dinosaurs, but thankfully that didn’t stop Hanna Barbera making a great comedy out of it.

Today raw foodists are extolling the virtues of eating raw, organic food which is exactly what the original Flintstones would have lived on. Our early Freds and Barneys would have been out of a day stalking animals and foraging for vegetation. But if raw food is as healthy as some believe, why did early man only live to 35 years at most (let alone the 50 Fred Flintstone has enjoyed so far)?

Here’s the low down on prehistoric dietary Yabba-Dabba-Doo’s and don’ts.

Apart from the fact they didn’t have “RcDonalds” or “KFP (Kentucky Fried Pterodactyl)”, the problem most people would have faced was abundance. Or lack of. Prehistoric hunters would often go for days without food which would weaken their immune system and leave them vulnerable to diesase.


They would sometimes be forced to eat rotten meat or vegetables which would cause all kinds of sickness, food poisoning and death if the consumer was already malnourished.

Winters would be extremely harsh too with vital plants dying off or roots being buried under ice and animals hibernating until Spring.

Raw food today is extremely healthy and has been credited with helping cure many illnesses that otherwise require continuous medication (such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and even improvements to cancer), but the difference now is that we are able to grow our own foods easily and with our modern (not foot powered) transport we have access to foods from all over the world.

Raw vegan food works so well because all the vitamins and enzymes remain intact which means our bodies benefit completely, whereas most of that is lost when food is cooked.

Fred may have enjoyed a steakosaurus or two and he undoubtedly will for another 50 years. The good news for us (unlike our prehistoric predecessors) is that with the right diet and a good exercise regime, most of us should be there to see it.

Read about Oscar Award-winning Halle Berry, who has a small role in the Flintstones movie. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes the talented actress had to overhaul her diet and lifestyle.


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  1. Flinstones is my daughter’s favourite cartoon. I too have watched it when I was schooling.

    It is a great cartoon.

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  3. I loved the Flinstones while growing up,I think that it will always remain to be classic cartoons.

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