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Maura Tierney opens up about her fight with breast cancer


Maura Tierney has opened up about her breast cancer and says that she was scared of the disease, according to

Tierney was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and underwent rigorous treatment. She was due to appear on the NBC show ‘Parenthood’, but could not due to the ongoing treatment.

The actress was reportedly too afraid to go to the doctor’s when she first discovered a lump in her breast. She is now advising women to not ignore the signs and see a doctor as soon as they can.

She said she was lucky to have a health insurance policy and a good team of doctors to help her out, reports. Tierney’s doctors instilled faith in her that she will be okay and this is what made her strong in the fight against the disease.

The star added that she had surgery but still has two more months of treatment left. Breast cancer can be fatal and early diagnosis can greatly increase the chances of beating it.

Other celebrities who have battled breast cancer include Betty Ford, Cynthia Nixon, Kylie Minogue, Sheryl Crow and Anastacia.

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