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Maura Tierney beats breast cancer and returns to the screen

Maura Tierney is best known for her role as troubled nurse Abby Lockhart in the hit US medical drama ‘ER’. But not long after leaving the show, Tierney came face to face with some very real troubles of her own. The now 45-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-2009.

At the time, she was due to star in NBC drama ‘Parenthood’, but decided to step out of the limelight in order to battle her illness, saying she did not wish for her ordeal to be documented on TV.One painful year on and Tierney’s cancer is in remission.

She is raring to get back to work on a new legal show. Entertainment Weekly stated that the star will play Kathryn Peale, a deputy bureau chief in the New York district attorney’s office, according to the Press Association (PA).

‘The Whole Truth’ is expected to provide a new take on courtroom drama, with both the defense and prosecution revealing their take on the cases, the PA reported.

Maura has reportedly taken the place of Joely Richardson for the role in the new show produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Richardson gave up the role because she wanted to take a break and concentrate on her children, according to OK Magazine.

Maura Tierney beat breast cancer and is now back to work on a new TV drama
Other celebrities who have suffered with breast cancer include Christina ApplegateOlivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue , Maggie Smith and Sheryl Crow.
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